Personal Information

Date of Birth: February 3th, 1981
Place of Birth: Mérida, Venezuela
Current Address: 28 Cadnam Point SW 15 4BY London
Mobile: (075) 80533941
Playing Age: 26 – 35




Acting Driving (Car and motorbike) Barista
Singing Swimming Horseback riding
Dancing Cooking Gunfire and hostage situation training

Show Reel:
Employment history

• “Sounds of the street´s” Directed by Julio Cesar Bolívar. Character “Jeanfreddy Castillo” Eye x Eye Production.
• “I like this” Directed by Ralph Kinnard. Character: “Maikel Adolfo” Ananas Production

• Musical “The Forrest of Dreams” Character “Ronthilos” Director Caterine de Pintos
• Musical “Chicago”. Character “Amos Hart” (Mr. Cellophane). Director Nelson Ortega
• Teacher of Theatre for kids. The Beehive of Life: Non government organization that deals with children living in dangerous environment.
• “I want to be in Cirque du Solei” Play directed by Aníbal Grunn
• “Double Jeopardy” Tribute to Hilda Carrero. Character “Nicholikia” “Luz Columba Theatre Group”
• “ Bird´s Thing´s “ Character “Bullbird” Urbe theatre Group
• “Love Letters” Fine Arts Theatre Maracaibo, Venezuela
• “Pavlov, The Dog and the Bell” Gustavo Ott International Theatre Festival. Venezuela.
• “Simon” original play by Isaac Chocrón. Maracaibo Edo. Zulia
• “Compilation Theatre V” original play by Isaac Chocron. Mara Bank

National TV Commercials
• Amnesty International Venezuela.
• Director Assistant. Commercial: “Downy Floral 30” Abraham Pulido & Assoc.
• “Caroni Optic” advertisement: main character
• Toyota Previa Commercial. Los Sopranos Productions
• Day mineral Commercial. Main character. Prhaka Productions for Abbott Laboratories
• “Don´t Be Catch Out Of Guard” Baseball Pre-season Commercial
• Venevision. Directed by Dayan. Produced by Enegi Rangel.
• Commercial Soap Opera Ace. Direction assistant. Abraham Pulido & Asc. Starring: Roque Valero and Zhandra de Abreu.
• BBVA Bank: broadcasting commercial. Marcos Prato Productions, Ghersy Group.
• Paisa Cheese “Dad in a Rush” commercial. Soda Productions
• BBVA Bank “It is not another Promotion” Commercial. De Moore Cinema productions. Directed by Anderson De Moore, Ghersy Group
• Kellogg “The 15 Days All Bran Challenge ”. Three Day Commercial: Day1, Day9, Day 15. Alkymia Productions. Directed by Vladimir Russian. J.W.T
Series and Soap Operas
• THE BILL. Talk Back Thames Studios. Character Roberto Diaz Episode 046 “Solace”
• RCTV Soap opera: “Chameleon”. Character: “Miguel Blanco”
• Juvenile Series “Pure Soul” Character “Manolo” Directed by Julio Cesar Bolívar. 7G productions.
• “More than a dream” Musical Series. Character “Carlos”. Turiamo Productions

Corporate Events
• Visual Tour U2 360° Directed By Kristin Rathje
• Team leader Global Campaign, Smirnoff “Be There” By Diageo.
• Abbot Laboratory: Entertainer. Euro building Hotel, Caracas
• Car´s Heaven: Crash Dummy. Official launch Corolla 2009 by Toyota
• Inaugural baseball game of the Lions of Caracas.
• Coca cola

Educational and professional qualifications

Year: 2009 Paul Calderon´s Master Class
Year: 2009 Marcos Purroy, Casting Work shop
Year: 2009 Elia K Schneider work shop
Year: 2008 Voluntary Work in “The beehive of life ” House of Children in Extreme abandon Situation
Year: 2007 Writing Course The Film Laboratory CNAC. Venezuela
Year: 2007 Wine Studies with Belkis Crocker.
Year: 2005 Continues Studies at “Luz Columba Theatre” (Acting Classes, research and theatrical workshops). Level Attained Especial improvement in Career.
Year: 2002 Acting Training (16 hours)
Year: 2002 TV Acting (16 hours)
Year: 2000 TV Acting and Orientation Workshop (8 hours)
Year: 2000 Logistic Organization (URBE)
Year: 1999 Juridical Oratory and Scenic Rhetoric (24 hours)


URBE University 2000-2004 Lawyer , Venezuela
U.E. Los Cedros High School 1999 High School Certificate in Sciences